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Welcome to the website of the Edinburgh University Curling Club. Within these pages you'll find everything you could ever want to know about our club. If you have any questions, then please email curling@ed.ac.uk, tweet us @EUCurlingClub or find our Facebook page or group.



  • We know, the Winter Olympics are just too exciting to bear and you have an unexplainably strong need to get on the ice and curl. We can sympathise, and that’s why Edinburgh University Curling Club are hosting a #TryCurling session for anyone who wants to try their hand at curling!
Book your EDex tickets through the link on our profile for just £3 🥌🥌
  • EUCC takes Sports Ball 💃
There’s always someone with their eyes shut in our club photos #blindedbythegoodlooks
  • With the 2018 Winter Olympics hitting off in just a couple weeks, we thought everyone should be able to cheer on their favourite curling team - so here’s a great run-down of the sport!
It’s a struggle to cover all the bases in just 2 minutes but @curlingcanada nailed it

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