In order to recognise the time, effort and skill contributed to the club by individuals, the committee may nominate them to the Sports Union for a number of awards.

  • Blues are awarded for sporting excellence of the highest order.
  • Half-Blues are awarded to those individuals who achieve a high level of sporting achievement but fall short of the standard require for a blue.
  • Colours are awarded to those whose commitment and service to the club has gone above and beyond what would be expected of any member, committee or otherwise.
  • EUSU Executive Committee Awards are awarded by the Executive Committee of the Sports Union to individuals deemed by the committee to have made an outstanding contribution to the club or to university sports in the preceding academic year.
  • The Neil Campbell Shield is awarded to one individual across the whole of the university each year, and is given for outstanding sports organisation and services.

The club's current criteria for nomination for Blues, Half-Blues and Colours may be found in our Blues and Colours Constitution.

Blues Half-Blues Colours EUSU Executive Awards Neil Campbell Shield
1973 - 1974 Ronald Brock
Brian Clark
Bob Martin
Lindsay Scotland
1976 - 1977 Jim Brown
Stuart Naismith
1979 - 1980 Donald Harley
Robert Jackson
David Ramsay
1981 - 1982 Andrew Boveridge
Alan Bowie
John Shedden
Martin Turner
Andrew Boveridge
Alan Bowie
Martin Turner
John Shedden
1982 - 1983   Callum Harvey
Robert Pringle
William Purdie
1987 - 1988   Jane Calder
Alan Chalmers
Iain Cormack
James Goldie
Andrew McDiarmid
Alan Mitchell
Neil Philip
1988 - 1989 Julia Halliday        
1990 - 1991 Simon Hartley   Kate Howie    
1991 - 1992   James Baird
Peter De Boer
Laren Gillespie
Simon Hartley
Gordon Hay
Sarah Johnston
Wendy Lockhart
Struan Macnee
Martin Philp
  Martin Philp  
1992 - 1993 Craig Wilson   Martin Philp
Peter De Boer
1994 - 1995     David Hunter
Elizabeth McDiarmid
1996 - 1997   Kevan Findlay
Andrew Nicolson
Robert Neil Wilson
1997 - 1998   Ian Cameron
Louis Davidson
Janna Haites
1998 - 1999     Kevan Findlay
Tom Walsh
2002 - 2003     David Fleming    
2003 - 2004 Philip Garden Sarah Stobbs Alexander Stannard
Sarah Stobbs
2006 - 2007       David Garden  
2007 - 2008   Jamie Dick
Martin Doak
Emma Garland
Ben Thomas
2010 - 2011     Michael Nicholson    
2011 - 2012     Alison McAteer
David Jenkins
  Michael Nicholson
2015 - 2016   Alison Fyfe
Callum McLean
2016 - 2017    Jakub Polak