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Covid Update for practice (14th and 21st October)

Hey guys just to let everyone know that unfortunately the curling rink will be shut due to Covid restrictions for at least the next two weeks. This means there will be no practice session tomorrow or the following Wednesday (21st October). Fingers crossed the rink will be open the following week and we will get back to practice! Keep safe and hopefully, we will be back soon! ?


SQA Results Day!

Today marks the much anticipated SQA results day in Scotland, we hope you are all happy with the grades you have received and if you have decided to come to join us at Edinburgh University we look forward to seeing lots of new faces at our first practice!

To keep up to date with any news of practice and our upcoming virtual Sports Fair make sure to give us a follow on our social media pages; our facebook page, facebook group, Instagram, Twitter. And we will keep you updated with all we have in store for our next season. No experience is necessary, we love to introduce new people to the sport!

Hope to see you all soon!

EdEx Event

Calling out for all the people interested in trying out curling!

We will be hosting an EdEx event on Saturday the 28th of January at 11.30. The event will be held at Murrayfield ice rink and we will meet up outside Teviot at 10.30. Bring warm and comfortable clothes and CLEAN shoes. The ticket is £3 for 2H of ice time with coaches and equipment provided!


To get a ticket sign up here!  

Christmas Bonspiel

7 teams bravely fought for the very appetising prize chocolate during the annual Christmas Bonspiel but the winners were Peter and his team with Rachel, Nick, Andrew and Meghan. A big congratulations!


And the Christmas Jumpers have never been rocked like this before!


SSS Trip 3

On the 25th February 2015 EUCC partook in the third SSS league day in Perth.

The team representing the University consisted of Callum McLean at skip, Jayne Stirling playing third, Sarah Sloan playing second stones and Jakub Polak throwing lead stones.

The first game of the day was against Robert Gordon University.

Winning the toss, we went in to the game with last stone advantage. The 1st end was kept reasonably clear, allowing McLean to draw for a 1. In the 2nd end RGU were left with a straight nose hit to win back a 1. End three saw EUCC losing a 3 after a superb double take-out by the opposing skip. Unfortunately, a couple of unlucky shots on our part allowed RGU to steal a 1 in the 4th end. However, a  lovely double from Sloan and a great draw behind a guddle of guards by Stirling set us up well in the 5th, allowing McLean an open draw for a 2. Unfortunately, ends 6 and 7 didn’t go our way despite some great guards set up by Polak. RGU managed to steal a one in both ends, meaning the match finished 7-3 to RGU.


The second game of the day was against Strathclyde 1.

For spectators, this game may have been appeared quite bland – but for the players it was an excitingly close game. The game took a very defensive approach, a high percentage of stones being take-outs. Winning the toss again, we retained the hammer. An open house allowed McLean to draw for a one in the 1st end. Strathclyde then followed our lead in the 2nd end, scoring 1. Ends 3 and 4 were played in a similar way – EUCC having an open nose hit for a 1 in the 3rd, and Strathcylde drawing for their 1 in the 4th end. End 5 saw a double take-out from Polak and a great double run back from Stirling, finishing with a 4 ft draw by McLean for 1. In end 6, Sloan was very successful with both of her draws to the house. However, team Strathclyde managed a lovely strike through a portal to win back a 1. This meant that going in to the final end the scores were tied, EUCC having last stone advantage. A couple of slack shots from the opposing team allowed us to split the house in the 7th end, leaving McLean to conclude the game with a draw for a 3. Final score 6-3 to Edinburgh University.


Callum McLean

Edinburgh University 7 – 10 Carrington

On the 22nd February 2015 team Edinburgh University faced Carrington in another Linlithgow league match.

A team of Callum McLean, Eilidh Yates, Scott Cocker and Rowena Stevens faced Carrington this Sunday. The game started very positively – McLean played a great draw against 2 to score 1. Some successful take-outs kept the 2nd end clear, resulting in a blank end. With last stone advantage, EUCC had high hopes. However, a couple of slack shots presented Carrington’s skip with an opportunity to steal 5. A tough shot, but a fantastic take out through a port secured the opposition’s 5 in the 3rd end. In the 4th end McLean made excellent use of a corner guard (placed there by Cocker) to take back a 2. Again, a few unfortunate shots allowed Carrington to take a 4 in the 5th end. We came back fighting in the 6th end – Stevens put up two perfect guards and Cocker and Yates demonstrated some great draws – followed by two good shots from McLean, gave us 3 in the 6th. EUCC then forced Carrington to draw for 1 in the 7th, before we played a strike against a 2 to score 1 in the last end. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough though as the final score was 10-7 to Carrington.

Callum McLean

Edinburgh University 7 – 5 Corstorphine

On the 7th December 2014 the University side would make its last outing in the Linlithgow League this semester.

A team that featured Yeats, Sloan, Steven and Keatinge were all keen to go out and get the university club its second win in the competition. And thanks to some great curling they were successful in their mission! with a final scoreline of 7-5 to the EUCC the team of four managed to give the club a nice high to end on leading up to exam time. Sadly everyone must now put their brushes down and pick up their pencils as the exam time looms.

Thanks to Steven who made her debut with the University in this match.


Gavin McQuistin.

Edinburgh University 6 – 10 Vets

On the 30th November 2014 the University team would face off against Vets in the Linlithgow League.

The University would be represented by  Spain, Striling, Chiang and McLean.

Again the university would be fielding a very experienced team as all team members have been with the club for over a year at the least. Though they played a good game they weren’t able to beat the Vets. With a final score of EUCC 6 – 10 Vets.

Gavin McQuistin.

SSS Trip 2

On the 19th of October 2014 The EUCC would make their second venture to Perth this year to take on the other University teams.

The team representing the University would be McLean at skip, McQuistin playing third, Fyfe playing second and Sloan throwing first stones. They were hoping to build on the success of the first trip to Perth that the team had made but as they were playing the two teams that were at the top of the table they knew it would be a challenge.


The first match was against Strathclyde 2.

Though the team didn’t play a bad game they were just not able to preform to the standard presented by Strathclyde 2. The team stared in disbelief as pretty much every shot made by the skip of the opposing team would be made no matter the difficulty. This left the final score at 11-2 to Strathclyde 2.


The second match was against Glasgow 2.

Again the team would play a good game of curling but they were once again up against a team that were on top form. Again they were left with a scoreline that they weren’t overly happy with but Glasgow 2 most rightly deserved for playing such a good match. The game ended 9-1 to Glasgow 2.


Overall it wasn’t the trip to Perth that the team had hoped for but one that was somewhat expected as they were playing two very tough teams.

Gavin McQuistin.

Edinburgh University 6 – 8 DAFS

On the 2nd of November 2014 the University team consisting of McCrossan, Chiang, Yeats and Johnston would face off against DAFS, the team that won the competition last year.

It what was described as an exciting match that saw both sides taking three points in at least two ends each. Sadly it wasn’t to be for the university team. However the team could be happy with such a close fought match against a tough opposition. Final Score: EUCC 6-8 DAFS.

Thanks very much to new club member Johnston for making his debut with the club.

Gavin McQuistin.

SSS Trip 1

On the 29th of  October 2014 The University team would make their first venture up to Perth to face off against the other Universities in the first round of the Scottish Universities Curling competition.

The team of McLean at skip, Striling at Vice, Polák playing second and Fyfe throwing first stones would represent the University.


The first match was to be against Aberdeen 1, a team that the university side have had close fought matches with in most outings.

This time the Aberdeen would have the better of the University side in a match that would end 6-5 to Aberdeen. Though it wasn’t the start the university teams had hoped for they were happy to have such a good match-up and good curling against a very talented opposing team.


The Second match would be against Glasgow 1.

By this time the University team had got to grips with the ice, which tends to run a lot faster than Murrayfield, and they were feeling confident for their match against Glasgow 1. This confidence obviously shone through in a match that would finish 16-3 to EUCC.

It’s always good to get a win on the board at SSS and hopefully the team can carry onto future weeks.


With so many new curlers at the club you can expect to see the line-up changing over the year and potentially two teams travelling to SSS in future years.

Gavin McQuistin.

Edinburgh University 4 – 6 Aegon

On the 26th of October 2014 the University team would go up against Aegon in the Linlithgow League with a team consisting of Stirling, McLean, Yeats, and Polák.

In what would be a first of what I’m sure could be many close-run matches for the University team sadly ended in a loss. Unfortunately they would have had the hammer in the last end  but the bell had went during the seventh. The final scoreline was EUCC 4-6 DAFS.

We would like to thank Yeats and Polák who both made their debuts with the club during this match.

Gavin McQuistin.