Curling FAQs

How Can I Join the Club?

To become a member of the UoE Curling club come along to our Sports fair during Welcome week and we can pop you on our mailing list. If you have missed the fair or can’t make it along, no problem! Just drop us an email or message on facebook to be added to the list. We also aren’t exclusively made of University of Edinburgh Students we welcome any uni/ college student in Edinburgh along to join our club.

Do I need to have tried curling before?

No! Curling is quite a niche sport that we love to share with anyone and everyone that wants to give it ago! Our club consists of people of all levels and about half of this years committee had never given curling a go before coming to uni. Curling is a great sport if you want to give something different a go that does not require a tonne of sporting ability or experience! We have beginner try sessions at the start of each term where you can come and give curling a go before committing to any membership.

Is Curling on Ice Skates?

This is surprisingly quite a common question! Although curling is played on ice, curlers wear trainers and a slippy sole (which we provide).

Do I need Equipment?

We provide any brushes/ slippy sole that is necessary for training, all you need to provide is a separate pair of clean trainers (to help keep the ice clean), flexible trousers (avoid jeans), warm clothing and yourself!

Where Do You Train?

We curl at the Murrayfield Ice rink between 2:30- 4:30 pm every week and often like to stay for a wee drink afterward!

We hope to see you soon!