Edinburgh University 3 v 6 Glasgow University 2

Scottish Student Sport League
Dewars Centre, Perth, 16th November 2011

H 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total
Edinburgh University * 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 x 3
Glasgow University 2 1 2 0 1 2 0 0 x 6

Following on from a respectably narrow defeat to Dundee University in their maiden SSS League game of the season, Edinburgh University travelled to Perth to take on Glasgow 2, who had yet to play so far. The team that went north was slightly different to the team that played Dundee, with illness forcing Dionne Clark out, with Fraser Stockton coming in to play lead and David Jenkins moving up to second. Edinburgh also decided to have Katie McGaan continue to skip, but with Andrew Grieve throwing final stones.

Both teams started off shakily and after a very tight end, Glasgow stole the first point of the match. It was just as tight in the second end, with Stockton playing a lovely guard, unfortunately, followed up with an over-heavy draw which finished in the back of the house. Glasgow froze on to it and Jenkins followed them down with a freeze of his own, albeit unintentionally. With several stones lying at the back of the house Glasgow drew in to lie two which were well enough protected by Stocktons initial guard to prevent Edinburgh doing anything with them.

Down by three, Edinburgh suffered a slow start in the third end and Glasgows dominant striking left them lying three. However after a good take out by Grieve, Edinburgh were finally able to use their last stone advantage, although only to the extent of taking a solitary point. Edinburgh were unable to carry any momentum from their point, and conceded a single of their own in the fourth.

Despite having the hammer back Edinburgh struggled. After some good stones by both front ends Edinburgh were left lying two. However, a mistake by Grieve with his first stone wiped out that advantage and he was unable to use his last stone to rectify things, forfeiting another two points.

Edinburgh pulled one back in the sixth, but found themselves facing four in the seventh (and final) end. Grieve was forced to draw with his last show and hope for a mistake from the Glasgow skip; the error duly came, the last shot gliding narrowly past Grieves lying target, and Edinburgh reduced the deficit to three.

Edinburgh can feel disappointed at the way they played in this game, despite this being one of the closest results the team has had for some time in the SSS league. The main positive to take from the game is that they played poorly, but secured a very respectable scoreline. Not much more is needed for this team to get back to winning ways.

Fraser Stockton

Team Played Ends Shots
1 Strathclyde 1 3 13 26 15 11 4
2 Aberdeen 3 11 24 16 8 4
3 Strathclyde 2 3 11 17 19 -2 3
4 Glasgow 1 3 10 20 17 -3 3
5 West of Scotland 3 9 14 16 -2 3
6 Glasgow 2 2 7 10 7 3 3
7 Dundee 2 6 14 11 3 3
8 Robert Gordon 3 8 14 16 -12 1
9 Edinburgh 2 6 7 13 -6 0