Edinburgh University 5 – 8 The 37 Club

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 T
Edinburgh University 0 1 0 2 0 2 0 5
The 37 Club * 2 0 2 0 3 0 1 8

Edinburgh University also played the 37 Club again three weeks later on 1st December 2013. By chance the score happened to be the same but the other way around in that it was 8-5 to the 37 Club. McQuistin was skip, Stockton third, McLean was second and lead was played by Keatinge.

We began by losing the coin toss and the 37 Club managed to gain 2 in the first end by taking out both of McLean’s excellently placed stones in the centre of the house. EUCC 0-2.

McQuistin was able to draw in to gain 1 in the second end however, EUCC 1-2.

In ends 3 and 4 both the 37 Club and Edinburgh university managed to gain 2 respectively. By the 4th end the game was close and we were only done by one, EUCC 3-4.

The 5th End, however, saw our chances begin to slip away. Both Keatinge and Stockton’s stones were too heavy and out of play allowing the opponent to have more stones in play. The house ended up with 4 of their stones close to the centre and 2 of McLean and McQuistin’s stones. The measure was used and it was decided that it was 3 to the 37 Club. EUCC 3 – 7.

With the hammer in the sixth end, McLean managed a well placed guard and McQuistin was nicely able to draw in giving Edinburgh University 2 in this end. EUCC 5-7.

In the seventh and final end, however, the 37 Club with the hammer gained 1 so that the final score was 8-5 to the 37 Club, still a close match and brilliant effort from McQuistin, McLean, Stockton and Keatinge.

Catriona Keatinge