Edinburgh University 7 – 10 Carrington

On the 22nd February 2015 team Edinburgh University faced Carrington in another Linlithgow league match.

A team of Callum McLean, Eilidh Yates, Scott Cocker and Rowena Stevens faced Carrington this Sunday. The game started very positively – McLean played a great draw against 2 to score 1. Some successful take-outs kept the 2nd end clear, resulting in a blank end. With last stone advantage, EUCC had high hopes. However, a couple of slack shots presented Carrington’s skip with an opportunity to steal 5. A tough shot, but a fantastic take out through a port secured the opposition’s 5 in the 3rd end. In the 4th end McLean made excellent use of a corner guard (placed there by Cocker) to take back a 2. Again, a few unfortunate shots allowed Carrington to take a 4 in the 5th end. We came back fighting in the 6th end – Stevens put up two perfect guards and Cocker and Yates demonstrated some great draws – followed by two good shots from McLean, gave us 3 in the 6th. EUCC then forced Carrington to draw for 1 in the 7th, before we played a strike against a 2 to score 1 in the last end. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough though as the final score was 10-7 to Carrington.

Callum McLean