Ednburgh University 8 – 5 The 37 Club

1 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 T
Edinburgh University  0 4 0 2 0 0  1 1  8
The 37 Club 1  0 2  0 2  0  0  0  – 5

Usually the university team isn’t favourite to win the matches in the Linlithgow league. Due to the skill of the opposition and the range of experience in the club. Yet, as McQuistin had cancelled his trip home to cut logs with his Dad in favour of studying, the University had a good competitive team lined up to play against the 37 club. In the form of Stirling as skip, McQuistin at third, McLean at second and Stockton at lead. All players had recently managed to acquire a win at University level curling so the teams hopes were high.

 The 37 club are currently sitting just above mid table with Edinburgh down near the bottom.

The first end went as expected. Instead of losing three or four shots Stirling managed to reduce the 37 club to only take one point after narrowly missing the double. Edinburgh University had the usual trouble of adjusting to the ice. Except McLean who had been playing since half eight that morning. 1-0 to the 37 Club.

 The second end begins and the rest of the team now begins to catch up to McLean. Stirling changes tactics, attempting to fill the house with University stones. It pays off. With excellent play at both ends and a double take-out from Stirling gives the university side a well deserved four points. 4-1 to EUCC.

 Going into the third the university team attempt to get stones in the house once more yet good play from the 37 cub results in them losing two. 4-3 to EUCC.

 The university club up their game once more with McLean making a very difficult hit through a tight gap and McQuistin follows this up by drawing into the centre of the house behind cover. Stirling guards allowing the University side to take two. 6-3 to EUCC.

 McLean plays two good stones to the centre of the house yet the 37 club manage to get two of their own lying shot. With a guddle forming there is little Stirling can do and the 37 club take two. 6-5 to EUCC.

 The sixth sees The University team with plenty stones in the house, Stirling is unlucky to make it two and Edinburgh get another point. 7-5 to EUCC

 Going into the last end only two shots up and against hammer  with the 37 club consistently taking two in the past few ends they’ve had hammer left the University team in a tense situation. Stirling opts to try and play the hitting game yet a long guard played by the 37 club foils this plan. It is then removed by McQuistin who then plays another hit to stick one University team stone in the house. The 37 club only manage to promote the stone further towards the centre of the house yet they still have first and second shot. They place in a third yet Stirling uses this to play a well executed hit and roll to lie shot with her last stone.  The opposition is unable to remove Stirlings effort and the match ends 8-5 to EUCC.

Gavin McQuistin