Last Session of Term – Mystery Ends

28th November 2012

As the traditional and fun way to end the first term’s sessions it was decided the Club would play the ever-popular game of ‘Mystery Ends’ – the rules of which follow regular curling, except the scoring system is revealed after the end is complete. Conventional tactics went out the window, as the teams were wary of such rules such as ‘only stones in the left of the house  contribute towards points’; ‘switch stones with your opponents’ and the infamous ‘Michael Nicholson wins’.Despite some mild controversy surrounding the decision to place the drawn rules back in the hat after each end, it was an enjoyable finish to the term, with some Santa hats thrown in to add to the festivities. The competition was close, but at the bell it was Team Stirling (Jayne, Eoin and Catriona)  who were victorious, giving Eoin a second mystery ends win of his curling career.