One of the nice traditions in curling comes not on the ice, but immediately after. With most rinks having their own bar, it is tradition for the winning team to buy their counterparts a drink. They sit together and socialise, they dissect the match, they chew the fat. Then it’s time for the second part of the tradition – the losers return the favour! And so it continues…

Many a night has been lost to distant memory following a curling match but, as a club, not all of our socials revolve around the pub. Every year we have a full calendar of social events to ensure that our hard work on the ice is rewarded. The club socials are a great way to get to know people better and to discover some of the little-known joys Edinburgh has to offer.

Previous socials have included pub crawls, comedy nights, bowling, Karaoke, Mini Golf and three annual club events – the Christmas Dinner, the Sports Union Ball, and the ‘Men With Brooms’ film screening.

Upcoming socials

All upcoming club socials are detailed in our weekly emails and organised via the Facebook group page which members can request to join upon joining the club.

Some of our Socials throughout the past season (2019/2020)

Men with Brooms Screening 2020