SSS Trip 2

On the 19th of October 2014 The EUCC would make their second venture to Perth this year to take on the other University teams.

The team representing the University would be McLean at skip, McQuistin playing third, Fyfe playing second and Sloan throwing first stones. They were hoping to build on the success of the first trip to Perth that the team had made but as they were playing the two teams that were at the top of the table they knew it would be a challenge.


The first match was against Strathclyde 2.

Though the team didn’t play a bad game they were just not able to preform to the standard presented by Strathclyde 2. The team stared in disbelief as pretty much every shot made by the skip of the opposing team would be made no matter the difficulty. This left the final score at 11-2 to Strathclyde 2.


The second match was against Glasgow 2.

Again the team would play a good game of curling but they were once again up against a team that were on top form. Again they were left with a scoreline that they weren’t overly happy with but Glasgow 2 most rightly deserved for playing such a good match. The game ended 9-1 to Glasgow 2.


Overall it wasn’t the trip to Perth that the team had hoped for but one that was somewhat expected as they were playing two very tough teams.

Gavin McQuistin.