SSS Trip 3

On the 25th February 2015 EUCC partook in the third SSS league day in Perth.

The team representing the University consisted of Callum McLean at skip, Jayne Stirling playing third, Sarah Sloan playing second stones and Jakub Polak throwing lead stones.

The first game of the day was against Robert Gordon University.

Winning the toss, we went in to the game with last stone advantage. The 1st end was kept reasonably clear, allowing McLean to draw for a 1. In the 2nd end RGU were left with a straight nose hit to win back a 1. End three saw EUCC losing a 3 after a superb double take-out by the opposing skip. Unfortunately, a couple of unlucky shots on our part allowed RGU to steal a 1 in the 4th end. However, a  lovely double from Sloan and a great draw behind a guddle of guards by Stirling set us up well in the 5th, allowing McLean an open draw for a 2. Unfortunately, ends 6 and 7 didn’t go our way despite some great guards set up by Polak. RGU managed to steal a one in both ends, meaning the match finished 7-3 to RGU.


The second game of the day was against Strathclyde 1.

For spectators, this game may have been appeared quite bland – but for the players it was an excitingly close game. The game took a very defensive approach, a high percentage of stones being take-outs. Winning the toss again, we retained the hammer. An open house allowed McLean to draw for a one in the 1st end. Strathclyde then followed our lead in the 2nd end, scoring 1. Ends 3 and 4 were played in a similar way – EUCC having an open nose hit for a 1 in the 3rd, and Strathcylde drawing for their 1 in the 4th end. End 5 saw a double take-out from Polak and a great double run back from Stirling, finishing with a 4 ft draw by McLean for 1. In end 6, Sloan was very successful with both of her draws to the house. However, team Strathclyde managed a lovely strike through a portal to win back a 1. This meant that going in to the final end the scores were tied, EUCC having last stone advantage. A couple of slack shots from the opposing team allowed us to split the house in the 7th end, leaving McLean to conclude the game with a draw for a 3. Final score 6-3 to Edinburgh University.


Callum McLean