Meet the Committee


The current committee was elected at the AGM in Edinburgh Curling Club at Murrayfield.  They took office on 1st of June 2020 and will serve until June 1st of 2021.

Rachel MacRae

Committee role: President

Degree: BSc (Hons) Molecular Genetics – 5th Year

Years experience: > 10 years

A wee bit about Rachel: After giving up curling 2 years prior to arriving in Edinburgh, I decided I may as well give it a second chance when I got to university. Now I’ve been on committee for 4 years so I must be having a good time! The club has had a hugely positive impact on my life; from the lifelong friends I’ve made to my time photographing with WorldCurling in Canada. It’s by far my favourite aspect of uni and I couldn’t ask for a better sports fam.

Hannah Barron

Committee role: Vice President

Degree: BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences – 3rd Year

Years experience: 11 years

A wee bit about Hannah: I’ve curled all throughout school and have competed in various national and international competitions throughout the years. I decided to start curling with the uni club in second year and this will be my first year on the committee. Everyone is so much fun and the socials are great.

Fergus Davidson

Committee role: Treasurer

Degree: MPhys Astrophysics – 5th Year

Years experience: 4 years (Started at University)

A wee bit about Fergus: This is my 5th year curling now ?. I’ve been on commitee for the past 2 years. First as publicity and since then I’ve been treasurer. I Joined curling initially for a bit of a laugh as it was something new and weird to me. Almost immediately fell in love with how chill (pun intended) it was and how well the club interacted together. The club has given me a fun break from everything else intense at uni. Theres no pressure to be competitive or to continuously excel. To me, curling is a place where I can be relaxed in an otherwise hectic schedule and environment.

Louisa Chang

Committee role: Secretary and Social Secretary

Degree: MA (Hons) International Relations and International Law – 4th Year

Years experience: 2 years (Started at University)

A wee bit about Louisa: I’m a fourth year international relations and international law student. I enjoy singing and cooking. I decided to join curling after one of my friends asked me to join for one of the curling clubs taster sessions. The sport is great, but the banter’s even better. Because we’re a small knit, it often feels like a family, and that’s the best part about being in the club!

Jess Taylor

Committee role: Publicity Officer

Degree: BSc (Hons) Ecological and Environmental Science – 4th Year

Years experience: ~11 years

A wee bit about Jess: As most of my family curl, I was introduced to the sport by being thrown onto my dads team at about 10 or 11 years old with barely a clue as to how the game worked and have loved playing ever since (I’ve not gotten much better mind you). I became part of the EUCC half way through my 2nd year and felt part of the club immediately. I tried other clubs but found the EUCC was particularly welcoming and laidback and didn’t require you to be a pro when you arrived. I love catching up with everyone every week and must admit I love a good Wednesday social!

Yiwen Huang

Committee role: Alumini Officer and Fundrasing, Safety and Equipment Officer 

Degree: BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences – 3rd Year

Years experience: 1.5 years (Started at University)

A wee bit about Yiwen: This is my second year holding the position with the longest title (and the least work to do) I was born and raised in sub-tropical region and I hadn’t even seen snow until I was 17. I joined the club when I was a fresher with no curling experience but now I enjoy every single second on ice. (Despite falling numerous times and getting edema on my knee at the very beginning……) When I first joined the club, I was very very shy but EUCC has its own welcoming vibe to help you blend in and become a part of it. I love the way that EUCC is a relatively small club and gives me this cozy feeling whenever I am with our members.

Everything about curling is amazing until your Asian parents use it as an excuse to make you do more sweeping in the house!

2019-2020 Committee: Eve Koo, Jess Taylor, Louisa Chang, Yiwen Huang, Rachel MacRae, Fergus Davidson, Rosie Duckworth.

Details of previous committees can be found here.

Minutes of committee meetings are emailed to club members after they have been approved by the committee, and are available on demand to members by contacting the secretary at