The Basics

For a fuller account of the rules, including a diagram of the playing surface and a glossary of terms used, download the Rules of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club 2016-2017. This page will be updated with diagrams in due course.

The Team

A curling team consists of four members:

The lead delivers the first and second stones.
The second delivers the third and fourth stones.
The third delivers the fifth and sixth stones.
The fourth delivers the seventh and eighth stones.

One of the team, generally the fourth, also acts as the skip. It is the skip's duty to dictate strategy for the team, calling the shots that his team-mates should play.

The Delivery

Each curling shot begins with the call. The skips stands in the head at the far side of the sheet and indicates, by means of signals, The person delivering the stone crouches with one foot in the hack (foothold). His other foot is covered with a slider. The thrower slides back on that foot, rises up and pushes forward, keeping the stone ahead of him. As he slides, he turns the handle of the stone to manipulate its direction, curling it either from left-to-right or vice-versa, and releases. The power of the shot is controlled by how hard the thrower pushes off from the hack and by how early he releases the stone.


Once the stone has been released. the stone can be swept. By sweeping the ice in front of the stone, the players can manipulate its path and speed. The harder the stone is swept, the farther and straighter it will travel. All four members of the team may sweep at once.

The stone must cross the far hog-line to be in play. Once it has passed the far tee-line, the opposing skip - and only the opposing sweep - may sweep it in order to get it past the back-line and out of play. Once the stone comes to a rest, the other team delivers their stone.


Once each team has played eight stones, the end is complete. It is the job of the thirds to agree the score between them. Only one team can score in each end. One point is scored for each stone which is closer to the tee than the nearest opposition stone. Once the score is agreed, the stones are cleared and the next end begins. The team with the highest score after eight ends wins.

Clothing and Shoes

For professional teams, the clothing is really important. The whole team need to have the same kind of shirt, jumper, trousers and even socks! But for more intermediate players playing at a university level this does not matter to the same level. We are still looking for all members to be wearing the university kit from playerlayer.

Shoes are the most important thing on the ice, more advanced players look to buy proper curling shoes but for beginners the only thing you need to think about is having a pair of clean, flat shoes. Any dirt on the ice may potentially interrupt the game and can destroy the ice!

You can buy shoes, sliders, brushes and other equipment here.