EUSU Alumni Association

At Edinburgh University, sport is a big deal. Not just to the university itself, or to the Sports Union, but to each and every individual who steps through the doors to the Sports Fair in their first week and discovers something new that changes their life. Whether they join a club to try a new sport, or to continue with something they have done before, each student comes away from their time at university enriched by what their sports club of choice has given to them - the skill to compete on the world stage, the experience from volunteering with their club that gives them the edge on their CV or, simply, the lifelong friendships that are forged.

Our time at university is finite, though, and soon enough that first year has received their certificate, been tapped on the head with the Geneva Bonnet and entered the big, bad world, leaving university sport behind them forever. Why forever, though?

That was the question that came to the Sports Union and in 2007 - 2008 they decided to institute the EUSU Alumni Association as a means of maintaining links with the graduates who have offered so much to their clubs. The aims of the Association are:

  1. To reunite graduates of the University of Edinburgh and to recreate links between them.
  2. To keep alumni informed of news, current developments and results from the Sports Union and its clubs.
  3. To organise reunion events and create funds for the development of the Sports Union clubs.


How Has the Curling Club Benefited?

Since the association was formed, the club has been able to delve into the Sports Union archives to discover so much about our history. Lists of former committee members, award winners and competition histories have been rediscovered and have now been added to this site.

In addition, with money donated to the club through the association, we have been able to send our students on coaching courses organised by the RCCC. Through this, we have been able to construct more targeted club sessions and improve the individual skills of our members. The coaching system has proved popular - the club now boasts 4 coaches at, or training to attain, Assistant Coach level.



Membership of the Association is free and open to all graduates of the University of Edinburgh. However, members are asked to consider making a donation of at least £3 per month or £30 per annum, which can either go directly to a specific club, or be split between a club and the association. All funds donated to the association go first towards its running costs, with any excess then added to the alumni fund, to which all clubs can apply for support. UK tax-payers may Gift Aid their donation, to ensure that the club and the association get even more!

The 75% donation to the club must be used for development causes. The club has earmarked this money to continue the successful development of its coaching programme and to produce new, talented coaches.


Membership Benefits

As a member of the Association, you become entitled to:

  • Discounts on EUSU Merchandise
  • The reduced Graduate entry fee to the Centre for Sport and Exercise
  • Quarterly newsletters detailing the work of the association and the performance of the Sports Union's clubs
  • A copy of the annual Sports Union Handbook
  • A voice on the Alumni Association Committee and the opportunity to stand for a position on the Association's Graduate Committee
  • Competitive, discounted rates for advertisements in the association newsletter and on its website
You will also enjoy full access to the association's website, with its huge amount of data, regular news updates and historical photo gallery.
To become a member, please complete this online application form.


Further Information

For more information about the association, visit its website, or email the association at