SSS Universities Open

Formerly known as the British Universities Championship (when Cambridge University competed against the Scottish teams), the SSS Universities Open traditionally brings down the curtain on the university curling season. It is played over a weekend in early April and has for the last few years been contested exclusively at the North-West Castle Hotel’s curling rink in Stranraer.

Edinburgh University were the first winners of the competition, under Lindsay Scotland, in 1977.




In 2016 Edinburgh 5 won the Low Road with Skip Andrew Johnston, Rosie Duckworth, Eilidh Yeats and Szymon Sacher.






Year Wining Team Skip Third Second Lead
1977 Edinburgh University Lindsay Scotland

1978 Glasgow University W Jamieson
1979 Edinburgh University Lindsay Scotland

1980 Strathclyde University J Sharp
1981 Strathclyde University S Lambie
1982 Edinburgh University Martin Turner

1983 Edinburgh University Martin Turner

1984 Strathclyde University D Kerr
1985 Heriot-Watt University S Dryburgh
1986 Heriot-Watt University R Halliday
1987 Not Contested
1988 Glasgow University A Ritchie
1989 Strathclyde University A Manuel
1990 Strathclyde University A Manuel
1991 Strathclyde University A MacDougall
1992 Edinburgh University Peter De Boer

1993 Edinburgh University Peter De Boer

1994 Aberdeen University G Cormack
1995 Heriot-Watt University N Abram
1996 Napier University A Christie
1997 Edinburgh University R Wilson

1998 Heriot-Watt University A Seftor
1999 Heriot-Watt University A Seftor
2000 Heriot-Watt University A Seftor
2001 Heriot-Watt University I Kilgour
2002 Aberdeen University P Stevenson
2003 Heriot-Watt University K Duncan Miller
2004 Not Contested
2005 Napier University J Hamilton
2006 Napier University J Hamilton
2007 Napier University J Hamilton
2008 Edinburgh University Jamie Dick Emma Garland Martin Doak Ben Thomas
2009 Heriot-Watt University Jay MacWilliam
2010 Dundee University Scott MacLeod
2011 All Stars [1] Scott MacLeod
(Graduate, Dundee University)
Ian Kirkpatrick
(Barony College)
Vicky Wright
(Stranraer Academy)
Jodie Milroy
(Stranraer Academy)
2012 Strathclyde University
2013 Strathclyde University Grant Hardie Billy Morton Andrew Ballantyne ?

[1] The All-Stars team was a composite team formed in order to replace another