Edinburgh University 2 – 9 Carrington

H 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total
Edinburgh University 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 2
Carrington * 4 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 9


Sunday 19th October saw our second Linlithgow League match of the season.  President and Vice President Team of Stirling and McQuistin were joined by new curlers Sheddan and Curry on the ice.  Curry made her second appearance for the club with Sheddan making his debut!

After an unlucky loss of the coin toss we had a rough first end with all team members struggling with the particularly keen ice.  With many of our stones through the back of the house Carrington were able to build up a solid 4 stones in the house, all scoring.  4-0 Carrington.

The second end saw the University team far more in control, although still struggling to get their weight.  With Stirling’s last stone clipping a well placed Carrington guard, the opposition stole 1. 5-0 Carrington.

The third end saw a more solid performance from Curry and then Sheddan, followed by shot of the match by McQuistin, with a perfectly executed run back double take out! Unfortunately an incorrect choice of handle left Stirling clipping the guard once more and allowing another Carrington steal.  6-0 Carrington.

A similar fourth end saw the skilful Carrington team set up a full house, but the University were left lying 1 with last stone still to come.  An unlucky catch of the corner of a stone saw our stone shifted out of shot position. 7-0 Carrington.

Here begins the come back!

With the front end gaining skills and experience rapidly and the back end slowly regaining skills that had been hibernating over the summer break, we began our comeback! With the house pretty full and a bit of a guddle at the front, a plan B take out by Stirling left us with our first score of the game! 7-1 Carrington.

Spurred on by our success in end 5, we had good guards from Curry, two perfect take outs from Sheddan, and some excellent tactical play from McQuistin and then Stirling leaving Carrington with two tricky options for their last shot.  Their skip was unsuccessful and we stole 1! 7-2 Carrington.

The seventh and final end saw more solid play from the University team, but Carrington also played well and set themselves up to score 2.

The final score was Carrington 9 – 2 Edinburgh University

We were pleased with our performance against a very tough team, and it was an excellent debut from Sheddan and second match from Curry.  Onwards and upwards for next week!

Jayne Stirling