Edinburgh University 6 – 8 DAFS

H 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total
Edinburgh University  0  2 1  2  0  0 1  –  6
DAFS *  4  0  0  0  1  3  0  –  8

The EdinburghUniversity team consisting of McQuistin playing Skip, Sloan playing third, Stockton playing second and Curry playing lead. This was Sloan and Curry’s debut match for the club.


The first end didn’t go well for the University team. They lost the coin toss and they were unable to break through into the house due to the amount of stones left in play by their opposition. DAFS steals four in the first end.


The University curlers keep their heads up in the second with Stockton playing a draw in behind the oppositions stones. The opposition manage to get a chip on the stone and both spin out of the house. Sloan makes a strike at the front of the house which allows McQuistin to promote one stone onto the button and then draw a second shot around the guards to sit at the centre of the hose. EU takes two.


The third end begins. Curry makes a strike and a draw. DAFS answers back by removing these stones and start to form another group of guards at the front of the house. After several strikes from Sloan, McQuistin is able to draw one in behind to the middle of the house and the opposition skip is unable to get anything on it. EU steals one.


Curry starts off the fourth by landing a stone at the back of the house. DAFS plays one of top of this and Stockton does the same. DAFS once again plays one on top of this. Sloan isn’t given appropriate ice for her draw to do the same allowing DAFS to place a guard. Protecting the shot. McQuistin manages to use Sloan’s draw to displace the DAFS shot. An error from the DAFS skip allows EU to steal another two.


The fifth begins and most stones are once again in play. A “Guddle” forms at the front of the house and getting stones through becomes difficult. Sloan however manages to hit and roll behind cover. DAFS manage to get a chip on the stone yet they only manage to push it further behind cover. McQuistin’s attempts at placing guard fail to curl into the centre where wanted, allowing the DAFS skip to promote a stone. DAFS takes one.


Coming into the sixth end and DAFS appear to be in control again. After strikes from Stockton and Sloan, McQuistin faces three stones and has an option to either draw for one or attempt a double take out. With the knowledge that his draws had been more successful than his strikes in the past few ends and that the team was playing better against the hammer he opts for the draw. He regrets this decision as DAFS steals a three.


EU do their best to find three stones to bring themselves level in the last end. Curry again places a stone out wide on the house. DAFS continues their guarding game yet Edinburgh manage to get two stones in behind. Two draws from DAFS and McQuistin unable to do anything sensible the game ends. EU takes one.


Overall both teams were very happy with the standard of play. DAFS were given a challenge and EU stepped up their game – Especially Curry who was on the ice for their second time ever! – to take on last years runners up in the league. Hopefully more results like this to come.

Gavin McQuistin