Site Restored

Nobody out there will be as pleased as me to discover that I’ve been able to restore the website (after a good amount of effort, it has to be said) and we are back online.

Why anybody would target a website that is purely for interest, is non-governmental, non-commerical, non-capitalist and inoffensive is beyond me. Hacking can be a noble thing- exposing security flaws, exposing governments even- but doing it for the sake of it, for fun, against a body who has never harmed you, is weak, cowardly and downright stupid.

Congratulations, hacker, you managed to get our site down for a few days. Hard luck, though, because even if you manage it again and again and again, you will only be getting the site down- not me, not any of EUCC and certainly not anyone beyond.

Kind regards

Michael Nicholson
Edinburgh University Curling Club