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Club Governance

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Club Constitution The Club Constitution is the main governance document of the club. It dictates the powers, responsibilities and limitations of the committee and the protocol for managing meetings of the committee and of the club. It was completely rewritten in 2010, with latest minor revisions made in 2014. Any member may propose amendments, provided the Secretary receives those amendments 14 days before the Annual General Meeting or a Special Meeting of the Club. EUCC Constitution 2016 
Blues Constitution The Blues Constitution regulates the minimum criteria which a member must meet before the committee will consider nominating them to the Sports Union for Blues and Half-Blues. It was completely rewritten in 2010, with further substantial amendments in 2011. Recommendations are the purview of the committee alone, and the Blues may therefore be amended only by the committee. Any changes must be ratified by the Blues and Colours Committee of the Sports Union. Download for Word Download PDF
Safety Policy The Safety Policy regulates all health and safety aspects of the club, prescribing and proscribing such behaviours as are deemed necessary for the well-being of all members as individuals and as a group. The policy was last amended in 2010 but a completely new version is being prepared for 2011 – 2012. The policy must be reviewed by the Safety & Equipment Officer in September of each year, but amendments can be proposed at any time by committee members. Coming soon Coming soon
Volunteer Policy The Volunteer Policy specifies the eligibility of members to receive funding from the club towards the attainment of qualifications pertinent to curling; such qualifications may be concerned with coaching, umpiring, child protection, first aid or anything else deemed suitable by the committee. The policy was created in 2010 as a means of providing clarity and structure to the funding process. Amendments are strictly the purview the of the committee alone. Download for Word Download PDF
Development Plan The Club Development Plan was formulated in 2010 but has not yet been approved by the committee. The plan proposes how the club ought to develop over the next five years, and how those developments ought to be financed. The plan will go before committee early in the 2011 – 2012 season and will be published immediately on approval. The plan is designed to be relatively fixed, and will only be amended where there has been a clear failure in attainment or where attainment has far outstripped expectations. Download for Excel Download PDF


Minutes of Meetings
General Meetings

Annual General Meeting held 21st March 2012 Download for Word Download PDF
Annual General Meeting held 24 March 2011. Download for Word Download PDF
Extraordinary General Meeting held 29th September 2010 Download for Word Download PDF
Committee Meetings
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